Hobson For Judge

Informal Exploratory Association for a Hobson-for-Judge Campaign Committee

Hobson expects to seek nomination for the office of Magisterial District Judge ("MDJ"), of District 49-2-01.
Planning to run as "unaffilated" he does not represent a political party, reflecting his view that judges should be unaffilaited with parties, views, and individuals that would affect fair judgement.
Hobson, a scholar of the Constitution, will judge all cases before him in accordance with the Constitutions of our great Commonwealth and Nation. These are not just words; Judges have praised him for his strict adherence to the Constitution.
Hobson has attended the Magesterial District Judge certification course in Harrisburg, PA, and is prepared to handle the duties of the office.
In his private life, Hobson has worked for years advocating for the constitution and holding public officals responsible for following the law. He's not afraid to call it as he sees it, sometimes drawing ire from those public officials. As Judge, he will continue in this mission - applying the law fairly to anyone who enters into his court, regardless of their position.
Oftentimes when entering a MDJ's court, a person will feel like the deck is stacked against them from the start. MDJs often enjoy cozy relationships with the police, District Attorneys, and those in the legal community. Hobson McKown promises to put an end to that - if elected he will assume office with no connections and owing no favors to anyone. He's there to serve in the interested of justice, not to rubber-stamp a questionable criminal complaint just because the police and DA tell him to.
The people deserve this kind of independence from a Judge. A judge with no connections. A judge who adheres strictly to the Constitution. A judge who only has one interest in mind - making sure that the eyes of justice are fair.
With these ideals in mind, Hobson is exploring his run.

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